Angel Magic
Calling Your Angels for assistance

Calling your angels forth to guide you through present circumstances is a fairly easy process.  You can communicate with them, ask for help with a problem, or just ask them for guidance.  Even if you  don't know what to do, ask them for  the outcome that you want. They are always there to assist you, and lovingly respond to your requests as long as it harms nobody else, and/or it's for the good of all. 

A simple way to call your angels forth is to establish a space, for instance, a dresser top or table, and light a white candle (for purity and protection).  Beside that candle place another one (color depends upon need).  Write your request on a slip of paper.  Light the candle and place your request under the candle holder or glass jar.  Read Psalms 91, then Psalms 23.  Give them your faith.  Lift the problem up to the angels to solve.  Then get out of the way (most important)!  In other words, do not interfere with their handling of  the situation for you.  Extinguish the candles after 20 minutes.

The answers will come.  The lady at the check-out counter in your supermarket may give you the answer you seek.  A billboard or TV commercial may lead you where you must go.  Concidence?  Try it!  I dare you!

Note:  Always be sure your candles are attended when burning!

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Candle Colors and their meaning
Green- money, business, emotional balance

Yellow- happiness, mental power, success

Orange- creativity, emotional stimulation

Black- protection, and to dispel negativity

White- purity, healing

Purple- psychism, personal power, spiritual attunement

Red- love, material, family

Pink- passion, love, relationships

Blue- communication healing, self esteem